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Our Motto


LHW and it's partners are focused on the customer experience. Our goal is a higher LEVEL of customer satisfaction that is so often lost and so desperately needed this day and age! 

about us

We are a Denver-based Installation company specializing in home storage solutions. We design/build custom pieces including everything from tables to shelving and can assemble any flat pack or disassemble furniture with confidence.


We have a higher LEVEL of customer service. We work with clients to provide expert installation and communication on every project.

We work with partners across the US and install their cabinets, shelving, garage storage, and custom doors. We have experience with installing storage solutions from IKEA, elfa, New Age, The Cabinet Face and other quality manufacturers.

We are accredited by the BBB and eager to grow. If interested in working with LHW please contact us.

are you a manufacturer of storage systems
and YOU want to partner with us for installation?

We want to partner with you. We work with a variety of home, office, and garage storage system manufacturers to offer our customers the top-of-the-line storage solutions for their space.

About Our Network

Level Handy Works LLC is a service provider of furniture, fixture, indoor and outdoor equipment installations in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and New Mexico with network connections across the United States. Since 2009 we have delivered successful projects for residential clients, schools, colleges and universities, offices, healthcare facilities, and multi-unit residential properties.



All installation and service for our clients and their Customers are customizable.


For more information or questions regarding the installation proposal please contact Aaron Fanning using our online contact form or by phone at 720.273.5755.

Our Service + Support- National


  • Customer Coordinating and Scheduling: currently available

  • Installation Appointments: pending market deployment

  • Operating periods: 7 days a week, 7:30AM local to 6:30PM local

  • Our team of White Glove installers are available in Colorado, and can travel for small, unique installations requiring attention to detail and quality.


To Get a quote or learn more:

About Owner Aaron Fanning

Born and raised on a family farm in southern Ohio. My mother was a school teacher turned entrepreneur and my father was a full time farmer and factory worker. Needless to say - Work was a standard for everyone in my family. Fortunately my brother and I were also raised on a farm with 4 cousins ALL of a similar age. And when we weren't getting in trouble we were throwing bails of hay that weighed more than us, painting fences, feeding the livestock, mowing, picking up rocks in the fields, shucking sweet corn or hauling grain. In other words, we all learned at a young age the value and importance of taking care of something and the reward for our labor$$. And although I no longer work for $5/hr (God Bless you Grandpa, I guess $5/hr x 6 boys adds up!) I learned a great deal at a young age about effort, trust, stick-to-it-iv-ness, problem solving, working with my hands and respect. Those traits helped me in sports as well and have stuck with me to this day. 


Upon graduating high school I moved to Gunnison, CO where I attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. During those years at Western State I worked for a number of contractors learning a myriad of different skills. From new builds to remodels and a slew of mechanical and home repairs, my exposure was broad. And after nearly a decade of the frigid winters and summers that were frankly too short - I made the giant leap to the big city of Denver to test my abilities even more. Little did I know that a few short years later I would be running a successful business of my own and loving it. 

Level Handy Works began as a small handyman operation taking any little job I could manage. Then we gained a corporate contract installing shelving and closets for a large retailer well known across the country as the Original Storage and Organization Store! Then we gained another contract installing Parcel Lockers for multi-family developments. LHW is now operating in markets outside our home town of Denver, CO and is complemented by a team of Background Check Approved sub-contractors in 5 states. Needless to say the humble handyman beginning has been surpassed by the demand of the current business and we are ALWAYS looking for new and exciting companies and products that fit into our model. As mentioned above we are - first and foremost an Installation Services Company, But we are willing and able to extend past that in certain circumstances to provide custom built ideas/products that may include commissioned pieces such as tables, chairs, benches, fabricated steel shelving, yard art, you get the idea...
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