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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Closet Installation in Colorado

If you are looking for closet installation near you, we are an expert team of Installaters based in Golden, Colorad, and we offer custom closet installation in Denver, Colorado, plus we work with a network of installers from coast to coast.

We install Beautiful Custom Closet Systems!

In Denver, Colorado, many people have homes with small closets or closets that are not maximizing the storage capacity. We love working with homeowners to install functional, high-end closets that keep things accessible and organized. We specialize in installing storage solutions from many quality manufacturers, including elfa, IKEA, Gladiator, New Age, and others.

We can talk with you about the best solution for your needs, space and budget. As we have installed hundreds of closets in Colorado, we have expert knowledge on what closet systems will work best in your space for your needs, so we are happy to recommend the best solution. We provide free estimates for IKEA, Gladiator, New Age and others, as we work closely with the Container Store to make sure all of your needs are met we will refer you to their design specialists to give you the best estimate and they will send us out to make sure your space is measured and installed properly. It is our expert team the will install your closet efficiently, communicating with you on every detail to make sure you love your new closet space.

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Offering Installation Services in Denver, Colorado and we work with a network of installers from coast to coast.

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