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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

When we went into business to serve the greater Denver, Colorado area we imagined our installation services would not really extend past closets, or cabinets. Level Handy Works had its sights set on simply helping people Marie Kondo the heck out of their new organizational units!

And then we got a call...

Husqvarna needed an installer for their AutoMower.

If I personally hadn't just purchased their dirt bike for my personal riding pleasure I may not have been so taken by the idea of installing boundary lines for their auto-mower.

Husqvarna is a trusted company in this space and lately they like many of us have seen the writing on the wall environmentally speaking. Their Auto-mower reduces the emissions that a normal mower puts out, and because it is cutting your grass so frequently the micro blades of grass become the fertilizer for your lawn.

Suddenly you are working less, paying less and helping to protect our environment with one simple little change to how you do your lawn.

Level Handy Works is proud to install the Husqvarna AutoMower.

Let us know what your yard needs and we can help you choose the perfect mower for your home. We can even schedule it to mow in your sleep! Learn more about our Husqvarna Automower installation services.

Photos of our personal mower who we named, "Roam-an" will be coming soon!

Aaron Fanning, Owner


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